Saints Ann’s understands that choosing a school is a significant and important decision for each family. We are eager to provide prospective families with information and experiences needed to make that decision with confidence. We encourage families who are interested in our school to make an on-site visit to obtain more information as they evaluate the opportunities that Saint Ann’s has to offer their child. Each year, our school hosts several open house occasions that are open to the public or parents may call the main office at 914-965-4333 to arrange a school visit convenient to their personal schedules. The main office will also be able to provide the tuition rates.

How to Apply:

  If the family has not already had a school tour, please call the school’s admission office at 914-965-4333 to schedule a tour. All new families interested in applying to our school must apply online.
  Please submit copies of report cards, achievement test scores, birth certificate and immunization records. Documents of Sacraments, if applicable, are required as well
  Applicants for the first all grades MUST meet with the principal and the homeroom teacher prior to being accepted. In addition, the prospective student is encouraged to spend a school day at St. Ann.
  Because of the significance of our mission, it is the desire of Saint Ann’s that every child that qualifies for admission be granted a position; when that is not possible because of the abundance of qualified applicants, we will use a waiting pool for students not initially awarded positions. We encourage families to remain in a waiting pool as additional positions often become available at a later date.


The following schedule will be observed by Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8:


Doors Open


School Begins


Dismissal for All Grades

2:40pm – 6:00pm

Afterschool Program


Bus Students picked up

Students should not arrive on the school grounds prior to 7:55am and parents must arrange pick-up at dismissal times.  IN THOSE INSTANCES WHEN STUDENTS ARRIVE ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS PRIOR TO 7:55am, PARENTS MUST PROVIDE FOR THEIR PROTECTION AND SUPERVISION OR USE THE BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM.

To avoid interruption during the school day, any messages, forgotten lunches, books and boots, etc., must be taken to the OFFICE and not to the classrooms while school is in session.  The school office will see to it that the child receives these items.