St. Ann’s School opened its doors in September of 1959.  Since her opening we have educated thousands of students.  We have provided them with the tools they needed to be good Catholics in our ever changing world – values and morals, rooted in our Church’s traditions.  Today, St. Ann’s is home to almost 200 students and 15 faculty and staff.  We are proud of our excellent reputation to provide a quality learning experience to all who enter her doors.

The students of St. Ann’s reach out to those in need.   We do indeed celebrate service - service to our family, friends, community and the world at large.  In addition, we have made Christmas a little brighter for those in need through our Annual Giving Tree Program and our Annual Clothing Drive.  These efforts do not include the individual efforts of our students such as volunteering to paint the rectory or stocking the refrigerators at school.  As you can see, our students, families and friends work hard to provide help to others just as Jesus did.

Catholic Education is alive and well at St. Ann’s School!!

Won’t you consider enrolling your child in our parish elementary school?  Simply call the school office for more details or to set up a tour of our school.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Christ’s Love,