’ve been a proud St. Ann’s parent for more than 10 years.   In addition to being a safe and caring environment, the faculty, staff and parents have become our community for the academic and spiritual growth of our children.  Our children are given a strong foundation for their religious education which will be with them for the rest of their lives.   An overwhelming feeling of community, warmth and welcoming were evident the first time we walked through the doors and are present today.  These feelings are shown in all aspects of school life, from basketball games, to Christmas parties to our annual End of Year Barbeque.   Our Principal, Mr. Vicario strives to set the highest standards for our children’s behavior and academics.  As a result, our children are always polite, respectful and eager to spend time together, both in and out of school.  St. Ann’s is a small, close-knit community where parents come together regularly for the good of their children and their school.  Teachers work closely with parents to provide our children with a superior education and truly prepare them for high school, both academically and socially. 
Parent of a 6th grader and 2009 graduate

I have been a part of St. Ann’s School and Parish for fourteen years. I have four children, a third grader, seventh grader, and two children who have graduated from St. Ann’s. My son is a sophomore at Iona Prep and my daughter graduated last year from Maria Regina, and is now in her first year of college. All my children’s experiences at St. Ann’s have always been pleasant. In the midst of the crazy times we live in today, it is nice to know that my children are always safe and cared for while at school. The education they receive at St. Ann’s allows for their high school and college experience to be that much easier at an important time in their life.  
Parent of a 2nd grader, 7thgrader, 2006 graduate, and a 2009 graduate

I have been a Parent and parishioner of St. Ann’s School for nine years. I currently have two children attending St. Ann’s and one child that graduated on to High School.  My husband and I chose St. Ann’s School because we wanted an environment where our children are taught the same virtues we teach at home; and where they are challenged academically.  Our children are getting a great education at St. Ann's, which is our main priority.  It is a small school, and we are not worried when we drop off our children each day.  The St. Ann’s School community is like a family.  We all work together for the good of the children, school and parish. 
Parent of two 5th graders, and 2010 graduate

I chose to send my daughter to St. Ann School first and foremost for a Catholic education. Throughout its curriculum, the school teaches Catholic traditions and Christian ideals to the students.  Values and support are evident at the top, with the pastor and the principal, and flows positively through the teachers, staff and many active parents.
Parent of a 3rd grader.